remember that time when petyr baeilish was just a lil shit who believed in the songs and fairy tales but then he was raped, almost killed, humiliated, and banished; so now he’s a major shit that causes civil war because i do

"We must all make the choice between what is right and what is easy"

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Mulder: It’s still there, Scully. Two hundred thousand years down. In the ice.

Scully: Leave it there.

Ice 1x07

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Charles Dickens

By Samuel Laurence

Chalk, 1838

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…the clear conviction dawned upon her, shined bright upon her, that he did love her; that he had loved her; that he would love her. And she shrank and shuddered as under the fascination of some great power, repugnant to her whole previous life. She crept away, and hid from his idea. But it was of no use.

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Visual Development from Beauty and the Beast by Mel Shaw

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